Welcome to the Homey Apps SDK v3 reference 👋

The Homey Apps SDK v3 reference is the documentation of all managers & classes in the Homey Apps SDK.

It is recommended to read the Homey Apps SDK guide first before you use this reference.


Almost all functionality can be accessed through a Manager. For example, ManagerDrivers is your entrypoint to get a Driver by calling this.homey.drivers.getDriver(). This method then returns a Class Driver.

You can access any manager through the Homey instance using this.homey.<managerId>. For example, write this.homey.flow to access the instance of ManagerFlow.


Most classes are accessed through a manager. There are three 'special' classes in the SDK that you can extend in your app:

  • App — Export from app.js
  • Driver — Export from driver.js
  • Device — Export from device.js

These classes are the basis for your app, you are expected to extend and export them from your app.


Please report any issues you find in the Apps SDK Issue Tracker.

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